Review: Farpoint VR

Farpoint for the PS VR is one of those games that sets a new standard for what the system can do at its fullest potential. At least in this case in the first person shooter genre. It’s not a Halo or Call of Duty clone, or even a Until Dawn Rush of Blood clone. This game plays like no other before it for the PS VR. You are basically required to stand for this game (in my case I had to set my PS4 camera above my TV for it to work). Once that was set up I was fully immersed in the world they created. The aim rifle for which this game was designed for was a sublime experience with the two going hand and hand with each other. You really feel like you are holding a rifle in a virtual world. Even though you still have to use a joystick to move forward or backward it almost felt to me i was on a little tiny vehicle or roller skates. This made me a believer that full worlds like Fallout 4 or Skyrim can exist on a VR platform. However this game was designed for most enemies not to appear behind you. This was very helpful since the PS VR is tethered to the system and I didn’t want to damage the PS VR or myself. With that in mind this game was created for VR and not simply a port of a preexisting game.

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With the inclusion of Co-op mode and future DLC the time to play this game is now to enjoy the full community. The cinematic single player story is to the quality of a Netflix original show which I didn’t want to end (except for the long cut scenes in some spots). In a game so refined the only issue I had was the lack of save states in between chapters.¬†Hopefully in a future update that single issue will be addressed. It’s truly an experience you do not want to miss out on.


-Billy Rigney

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