Vectrex Buying Guide

A system that was almost lost in time due to its release in November of 1982 and left the market in 1984. This was during the video game crash in the early 80s where there was just too many games that promised so much (graphically) but delivered so little. However the Vectrex did deliver since it was and still is the only vector home based video game console. You can’t even imagine what a vector monitor looks like until you see one in person due to how screens can’t record its technology (e.g. recording a 4k tv with a 1080p camera). If you are one of the lucky ones able to get your hands on the Vectrex listed below are some great games for the system. Just make sure to get the overlays for most of these games (some individuals are even making new re-prints of them).

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3D Crazy Coaster (requires 3D Imager)
3D MineStorm (requires 3D Imager)
3D Narrow Escape (requires 3D Imager)
AnimAction (requires light pen)
Armor Attack
Art Master (requires light pen)
Clean Sweep (it has a special edition called “Mr. Boston” that is the rarest Vectrex game)
Cosmic Chasm
Fortress of Narzod
Heads Up (a.k.a. Soccer Football)
Hyperchase Auto Race
Melody Master (requires light pen)
MineStorm (built into every single Vectrex system ever made)
Mine Storm II – available only as a mail-order free item due to glitch in original game on lvl 13 not being able to beat it
Polar Rescue
Pole Position
Solar Quest
Space Wars
Spinball (aka Flipper Pinball)
Star Castle
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (aka Star Ship)
Web Wars (aka Web Warp)

New Homebrew games:

Dead of Knight (based on the movie Joe Grisaffi [Vectrex fan] directed “Dead of Knight”)
Big Blue
Vector Pilot
Nox/Death Chase
Nebula Commander
X-Mas Cart (New one made each year by Chris Binary Star)
Galaxy Wars/Space Launcher

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