PS VR Buying Guide

An affordable (real) and easy to set up VR headset. That is how the PS VR has been winning the Virtual Reality wars thus far. The PS VR (Playstation VR) has been out since October 2016 and has been doing quite well (in the VR niche hobby) . Listed below are some of the best games for this add on to the PS4 console:

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Best games out for it right now as of July 2017
VR Worlds – (For the London Heist game especially)
Job Simulator
Until Dawn Rush of Blood – (System seller along with Batman on launch for many)
Batman: Arkham VR – (System seller for many who bought one in October 2016)
Rez Infinite – (system seller for me since I loved it on Dreamcast and 360)
Robinson the Journey – Recommend the PS4 pro on this one.
Driveclub VR – Needs time to get used to it.
BattleZone – Especially with the new classic mode they added.
Star Wars Battlefront VR mission
Eagle Flight
Pinball FX2 VR
Super Hyper Cube
Sports Bar VR
RE7 (Resident Evil 7)
Hyper Void VR – (Tempest like game)
Here They Lie
Mervils: A VR Adventure – (Great cartoonish 3rd person Collectathon game)
Psychonauts 2
Farpoint – (with aim rifle bundle)
Star Trek Bridge Crew – (Fantastic online community)
Star Blood Arena – (Fast paced multiplayer game)
Mortal Blitz
Polybius – (Made by Jeff Minter who made Tempest 2000 and TXK)
Shin Godzilla experience – (its only a couple minutes long but its amazing, unfortunately you have to create a Japanese PSN account
to get that game but its easy after you research it on youtube.)
And many others.

New games coming out for the PS VR
Super Hot VR
Doom VR
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR
Invisible Hours – VR movie type game like a Tell Tale game but still looks cool.
Syndrome – Was coming out for the Occulus Rift but now its coming out for the PS VR
Crowe: The Drowned Armory
Symphony of the Machine
Ace Combat (wont be fully vr for the whole game though unfortunately) Same for thew Gran Turismo
Alien Covenant VR experience
Also many others as well.

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