Get Outlast Deluxe Edition for Free for a Limited Time at Humble Bundle on PC!

That’s right at Humble Bundle right now until Saturday September 23rd at noon (central US Time) you can get Outlast Deluxe Edition for free on PC (DRM Free and Steam key) by signing up to their website and clicking on the “add to cart” button on their website. I highly suggest creating a account with humble bundle considering they do these promotional giveaways a lot now. Their one of the best out there in terms of bang for your buck of internet deals. Not only for PC, Mac, Android, and Linux games/software but even other console systems as well.

I’m excited they are doing this giveaway right before October so we can all have something to play before Halloween. From what I heard about this game if you loved Alien Isolation and RE7 you should love this game too. Admittedly I already received this game for free on Xbox Live on my Xbox One S months ago. But glad to have the PC version so I can play it where and whenever I want with whatever settings I choose.


Click here to go to Humble now to get Outlast Deluxe Edition.

This time its not only a Steam key, but also DRM free (meaning you can just download the game straight from their website and never need a game hub program like Steam if desired. I opted for the Steam key but it appears you can do both if you want.

Here at Virtual Robots Revolt we will continue to let you know when great deals or free games continue to pop up. Also stay up to date on these quick & limited time deals & giveaways by signing up to our newsletter. Until then its time to play Outlast! Just in time for Halloween.

*Update – once you get the link to the code from Humble Bundle you must redeem it in your Steam library by October 7th noon (central US Time) on Saturday! Which isn’t a problem, but think of it as a gift card expiring. Make sure to redeem the game as soon as you get the code to not lose it! Although if you didn’t do this all you have to do to get the game back again is log into your Humble Bundle account and just go to your games list and click download on the game.


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